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Here you'll find sources of information on general and specialised topics that will be of interest as your business develops. Click on a link at the left.

Breed societies
  British Alpaca Society (BAS)    
    The de facto breed society in the UK for alpacas    
  British Camelids (BC)    
    Now confined to non-alpaca camelids    

  The Complete Alpaca Book   ISBN: 0-9646618-0-2
    Eric Hoffman    
    NB: An essential for all new alpaca owners
  Caring for Llamas and Alpacas   ISBN: 0-9622768-2-0
    Clare Hoffman, Ingrid Asmus    
  Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care   ISBN: 0-9646618-3-7
    Bradford B. Smith    
  Medicine and Surgery of South American Camelids   ISBN: 0-8138-0397-7
    Murray E. Fowler, DVM    
    If your vet is new to alpacas this will be of great assistance, though it's probably a bit too too high-brow for for the rest of us!
  Synthesis of a Miracle   ISBN: 0-9709687-0-1
    Michael Safley    
  Animal Breeding and Production of American Camelids   ASIN: B0006EMJNQ
    Rigoberto Calle Escobar    
    Most of these titles gan be bought through Amazon online books, though they do tend to run short sometimes. If you're really having trouble getting a title contact us and we'll do what we can.

  Alpaca World
    An indespensible ‘What’s going on’ of the global alpaca world
  The Alpaca
    BAS (British Alpaca Society) quarterly magazine

Dietary supplements
  Carrs Billington’s Camelid coarse mix
  Camelibra and alfalfa products

Alpaca end-product retailers
  Peruvian Connection
  Zocalo Alpaca
  Concepts of Peru

Fibre laboratories (analysis)
  The fibre lab (UK)
  e-lab.limited (NZ)
  Yocom-McColl (USA)

Veterinary resources
  British Veterinary Camelid Society
  University of Ohio International Camelid Institute
  University of Sydney, Veterinary Education and Information Network (VEIN)

Fleece processing
If you wish to sell your fleece directly to a processor contact UkAlpaca
If you want your fleeces processed then returned as wool try Farrlacey Mini Mill

Field shelters
The following manufacture and install field shelters. Some are ‘semi-permanent’, and some ‘mobile’. The more geniunely mobile the shelter the higher the cost generally, nonetheless this may be your best course if you have planning permission issues.
  Chart Stables
  National Stables
  Prime Stables
  Field Shelters Direct